Social Media is killing us

Yes, yes I see the irony in me writing and posting this on Social Media.

Nowadays, when you are searching for a new job, you are easily searchable. Recruiters and hiring managers can easily look up your profiles, especially on LinkedIn.

What you say matters!

The internet has given us voice that people in the 1900s, and even the people in early 2000s didn’t have. And what have we done with this new found gift? We post cat pictures and videos.

I have been in recruiting for a short period of time, and I might not know much. But from what I hear, searching for a job back in the day was easy. You applied for the job you wanted, if you were qualified you got a call and eventually you landed a job.

You as an employee didn’t talk about your religious or political beliefs and neither did your employer. Life seemed simple, at least in that sense.

These days we have social media. I see so many people posting political posts and other people making hateful comments.

I wonder if these people know that their current and future employers are seeing this?

No one should be discriminated against for any reason, but when you come across as a person with low emotional quotient, or insensitive, no one is going to want to talk to you.

Your social media accounts are yours. No one has ownership of it besides yourself, and you know Mark Zuckerberg and Cambridge Analytica (kidding).

But actions have consequences. When you post hateful comments and share posts that are straight up insensitive, people won’t want to talk to you.

They definitely won’t want to hire you. Before you post or comment, reevaluate what the comment can mean for your career.


One thought on “Social Media is killing us

  1. Your LinkedIn post sent me here. Many people do not realize that what you put out there on social media,becomes public information and though discrimination is not okay, that does NOT stop hiring managers from not hiring a person based of their a social media activity. If a person decides to post something too political & little offensive , even though we have a right to believe what we want, that doesn’t mean a Republican hiring manager can’t be bias and not want to hire a person based on what the post said.

    We have to be more mindful of what we post and ask ourselves “Is this thought I am having necessary to type out? “


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