Who is in Control?

Last week, I wrote about how controlling your candidates or clients was an anomaly. So when we talk about the hiring process, who is really in control?

Most of us know that this is a candidate driven market. Candidates call the shots of who they want to work for. This is evident by the unemployment rate(links at the bottom) and the number of qualified candidates to opportunities available.

But this does beg the question whether the candidates can act however they want?

For decades or even centuries employers have gotten away with so many unethical hiring practices that we had to have law’s written around them. There are still practices that should be banned but haven’t been yet.

However, when you are interviewing the company and vice versa you always want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward. I am not saying you allow yourself to be a doormat, but I am saying that even today, first impressions matter.

We as Recruiters and HR professionals speak to hundreds of candidates every week, and some stand out for obvious reasons – good or bad. We should always remember that while this is a candidate driven market, a egotistical candidate is not a perfect match for every client. So you might have to find the right employer for them or not work with them. The choice is yours.

We all view the world with our biases, so when I see someone being egotistical or rude I either let them know to tone it down or not bother with them anymore. As much as I am an advocate for providing the best candidate experience, I also believe that when you are looking for a job you should put your best foot forward. This is to say that you should do that without having to compensate for the bad experience they are providing you.

Recruiters and HR people, what I am trying to say is that even though you want the best candidate for your company or employer, don’t let them treat you like a doormat either. Go with your gut, if you think this person is coming off as rude or impolite, either let them know to tone it down or let them know that this won’t work out.

When in doubt, remember Honest with tact is always the best policy.






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